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    Students will be able to develop skills of image enhancement of Home Economics. Students will be educated in a way that they could integrate, and apply knowledge of sciences and humanities including Home Economics. By the end of this course, students will be able to have awareness of research for professional development, and students will be prepared for career and profession in different areas of Home Economics. Department of Home Economics is the only institute of its kind in Azad Kashmir. It is situated at Mirpur, a beautiful plateau of Azad Kashmir. The College of Home Economics was established in 1981 under the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, now merged into newly established university; the MUST. Over the year, home economists in Pakistan have contributed significantly to strengthening programs aimed at women, families, and children and to formally and informally educating women, increasing understanding and appreciation of other cultures, improving public health, and improving the process of introducing change. Home Economics Faculty aims to develop the capability and extra ordinary quickness, intelligence among the youth; so that our youth may recall that they are the products of this institution. Faculty aims for the development of the moral, aesthetic, cultural, religious, intellectual, mental and physical aptitudes among the students. Faculty has highly designed its prospectus to meet the modern and technological challenges of the present age.