• Facilities
  • Introduction

    The main focus of Home Economics is to enhance the physical, psychosocial, economic, and aesthetic sense of the students. By that they will be able to work for the well being of individuals and families. Home Economics Department aims to develop skilled manpower to meet human needs as producers and consumers of goods and services. The department also aims to prepare professionals for the development of community and environment.

    Facilities Available
    Faculty of Home-Economics is located at a very prominent location that is in the heart of the city on main road.
    Laboratories and Computing Facilities
    Laboratories and computing facilities are available and accessible to faculty members and students to support teaching and research activities. Students have adequate support to complete the Program in a timely manner and have ample opportunity to interact with their instructors and receive timely advice about Program requirements and career alternatives. Following well equipped labs exists to fulfill curriculum requirements:

    • Food & Nutrition Lab
    • Clothing & Textile Lab
    • Art & Design Lab
    • Child Development & Guidance Lab (Nursery section)
    • Home Management & Housing Lab Art & Design Lab
    • Art & Design Lab
    • Chemistry/Physics Lab
    • Computer Lab
    • Biology Lab

    Food & Nutrition
    One of the most significant domains of any Home Economics curriculum is Food & Nutrition. Central focuses included learning many different ways of preparing nutrition meals as well as safe food storage techniques; this helped lay the foundation for how Food & Nutrition is incorporated into Home Economics curriculum today.
    Food & Nutrition based on meal management, food preservation, experimental food, food technology, institutional management, dietetics & community nutrition etc.

    Nursery Section
    In nursery section, the children between ages of three to four years are enrolled each year, starting from September. The nursery section is provided with necessary amenities and its mode of activities is subject to participation and innovation of Home Economics.

    The library is fully equipped with course book and material of student interest. Two librarians are appointed to provide assistance to the students. They are always present in the library to facilitate the students and teachers as well. The Home Economics Department library collection includes:
    • Text books related to courses
    • Reports
    • Maps
    • CDs Audiovisual material
    • Supplement printed text
    • Printed journals
    • Reference books
    • Encyclopedias
    • Manual guides
    • Guidelines
    • Dictionary
    • Directories
    • Yearbooks

    Experienced and skilled staffs comprising a librarian and library assistance are always available during university work hours.
    A well designed and sophisticated hostel facility is available for the student. Faculty hostel is the utmost requirement of the Home-Economics students so as to boast the creative environment and to promote students interaction regarding the specific educational demand of their interests and disciplines.
    University provides regular transport facility to the students for pick and drop from their homes and various places.
    Students have the facility of canteen that remains open from morning till evening. Female staff serves the students.
    Co-Curricular Activities
    Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities. The students are motivated to contribute in the Inter University Annual Functions. Following co-curricular activities are regular feature of the department:

    • Cultural and Dramatic Society
    • Science Society
    • Kashmir Literary Club
    • Sport Competitions